Behind Our Fabrics

The Thomas Mason Mill

EST. 1796

The timeless charm of British tailoring meets the artisanal heritage of Italian craftsmanship.

Founded by Sir Thomas Mason at the height of the industrial revolution, Lancashire’s Thomas Mason fabric mill was one of the first factories dedicated to manufacturing cotton shirt fabrics. Their use of the finest raw materials quickly made them a household name for West End tailors, the upper-class aristocracy, and throughout the world.

Almost 200 years later, Thomas Mason caught the attention of Italy’s Albini family, whose own legacy of textile production gave them the keen eye to spot just how foundational British tailoring had been. In 1992, Thomas Mason was welcomed into the Albini Group, bringing along a priceless archive of 700 volumes of traditional British fabric designs, and cementing their place as a worthy outsider in the world of Italian weaving.

“We make fabrics of the highest quality, flaunting a bold style and timeless elegance.”